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The Land of Ice and Fire, the land of elves and trolls, the land in which we spend our 5 months semester abroad. We have traveled around the island with a car and since August 2016 we live here every single day. On this site you will find everything special we notice about the country and all the little stories we experience, as well as our tips for people who want to travel to Iceland:

Everything about Iceland

In 8 Days around the Island

Following route 1 – also called the ringroad – we took a car all the way around Iceland. We summarized our experiences in one post for each day.

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About this Blog

We, that's Katha and Nils, are the guys behind "5monthsiniceland.com".
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About this Blog

Northern Lights - Video

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Studying abroad

Studying abroad

Almost every students dream: studying abroad, at least for one or two semesters. But actually getting there is quite a long road.
On this page we tell you about our experience. Since Nils is in Iceland via Erasmus and Katha as a Freemover, we can compare these two possibilities for you.
You can find all our tips for you and what we think you shoud know, if you want to study abroad by clicking this button:

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Norway - Roadtrip 2015

Nils and Jan took their car all around Fjord-Norway. Here you will find their experiences:

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